Suva is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Oceania


Suva Offering everything you’d expect to find in a large city.

In Suva you can find trendy shopping malls and farmers markets, restaurants and entertainment.


There are excellent bus services within and around the city. Taxis can be hailed simply by raising your eyebrows and are relatively cheap.


The Fiji Museum

Located within the beautiful Thurston Gardens, the Fiji Museum is the oldest museum in the South Pacific. From photographs to a full size war canoe, the museum is brimming with archaeological findings dating back 3500 years.

Thurston (Botanical) Gardens

Thurston Gardens are built on the site of the original town of Suva.

The gardens were renamed from the Suva Botanical Gardens to Thurston Gardens in honour of the fifth governor.

A stroll through the avenues of Royal Palms and tree ferns to admire the many varieties of palms and gingers.

Or perhaps a lunchtime picnic by the ornamental clock tower in an oasis of peace.

Albert Park

Charles Kingsford Smith was the first aviator to  cross the Pacific, flying in  his little Fokker F.VII/3m  monoplane ‘The Southern  Cross’ from California to  his homeland of Australia.

The longest leg of his of 12 Pacific Island flight was the 34-hour trip  from Hawaii to Fiji.

Kingsford Smith and his seaplane base and inside the northwestern crew arrived on 6 June 1928.

Sydney’s ‘Kingsford Smith with peaceful trails winding around Pacific trees and International Airport’ – is named in his honour. plants.

University of the South Pacific

Home to students from all over the world, the main campus of the regional university is based in Suva.

With beautiful lawns and excellent facilities, the USP’s Laucala Campus offers some picturesque strolling and fascinating people watching.

USP is the only university in the Oceania region to be internationally recognized outside of Australia and New Zealand  and is ownedby the governments of 12 Pacific Island countries: the Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue,Zealand and Vanuatu.

You can also visit the Oceania Centre for Arts Albert Park was also the site of the first hoisting of & Culture where you can see temporary exhibits the new national flag of Fiji on 9 October 1970 when of paintings and carvings and sometimes even Fiji attained her independence from the United watch an artist at work.

The Oceania Dance Theatre and other performance groups use the centre and you can usually catch a free rehearsal on weekday MORNINGS!

Mariamma Temple

The Hindu religious fire-walking festival is held  here during July or August and lasts for 10 days. Performed mostly by descendants of southern Indians who believe life is like walking on fire; discipline helps them to achieve a balanced life, self-acceptance and to see good in everything. On the final day of the festival, the participants at the Mariamma Temple bathe in the sea.

The priests pierce the tongues, cheeks and bodies of the Fresh local seafood and a wide range of Asian firewalkers with three-pronged skewers (OUCH!!!). cooking sauces, spices, tea, canned food, The firewalkers then dance in an ecstatic trance for noodles, dry goods, preserved fruits & porcelain. about 2km back to the temple for the fire walking; their altered state enabling them to perform the

Colo-i-Suva (tholo-ee-Suva) Forest Park

If you like hiking trails, swimming, and birdwatching, this is the place for you. Spend a day walking around the sub tropical rainforest of Colo-i-Suva, there are a number of clearly marked tracks to chose from that lead to a series of beautiful waterfalls that you can swim in.

Across the road from the main entrance, you will find the ‘Raintree Lodge Eco-Tourist Resort’ where you can sit and relax after your adventures with a coffee, juice, or if you are hungry, something from their delicious menu! A nominal entry fee of FJ$5 is payable to the park ranger located opposite the park entrance.


Municipal Handicraft Centre

Although situated under a car park, and so not exactly inviting to the eye, this market will be attractive to your purse! Brimming with authentic local treasures, shipped in to be sold from the outer islands where traditional crafts are an essential part of the culture.

Traditional crafts still practiced today produce such items as hand carved wooden kava bowls (tanoa), or traditional war club replicas, hand painted masi, woven baskets; the list is endless and old is of course mixed with new.

You will have heaps of fun bargaining with the vendors, while helping Fiji’s economy by supporting our local artisans.

Suva Market

The way to a sailors heart is through their stomach….right? After a long voyage, your fresh fruit and veggie supplies will likely be low, so why not take a trip to the amazing Suva Market. At incredibly low prices, it is easy to ensure you have enough to get your ‘5 A DAY’.

A sensory overload of colour awakens the eyes, the sound of several languages being spoken at once, the smell of fresh herbs and spices, the taste of ready prepared snack size pineapple and watermelon, and the feel of the plump succulent fruit as you load it onto the scale.

Friendly ‘barra boys’ are on standby to help carry your heavy items in their wheelbarrows. These young entrepreneurs make a living from ‘tips’ received for helping shoppers by transporting goods to awaiting transport.

The Suva Market is probably the largest retail produce market in the South Pacific islands. Locally grown and imported fruit and vegetables, free range eggs, tofu, kimchi, and fresh seafood straight from the ocean seafood are all laid out in an array of colour. Don’t miss the upper floor where your can stock up on your kava offerings if you plan on exploring our outer islands.

Note: A good time to visit the market is on Friday and Saturday mornings, however, some people swear by trips to the market late afternoon for real bargains because that’s when vendors simply want to clear their shelves and close up for the day.


Damodar Event Cinemas

Located at the purpose built Damodar City shopping complex, Premium and Vmax showings are a popular way to spend an evening catching up on the latest movie releases.

Village 6 Cinema

A six screen, fully air-conditioned cinema showing latest and 3D releases.

Buy a box of freshly popped popcorn or another sweet delight, settle into a wide, comfortable chair, and enjoy!

Boat Cruise

From its cosmopolitan downtown area to its quaint villages, Suva offers visitors a truly well rounded view of Fiji’s interesting culture.

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