Salalah: landscapes and cultural heritage in Oman



Salalah is particularly famous for its annual monsoon (“Khareef” – summer months).

Salalah benefits from a tropical micro-climate which attracts thousands of visitors each year. If you have the chance to visit the area at the beginning of the monsoon season, you will witness its formidable transformation from dry desert land to tropical green oasis. Amazing nature!

What to do and see in Salalah and all the province of Dhofar

  • Visit Salalah : Second largest city of Oman and birth town of Sultan Qaboos bin Said. It’s a great place to discover Dhofar own traditions and cultural heritage.
    • Museum of the Frankincense Land : Frankincense is an aromatic resin, symbol of Dhofar. It is one of the consecrated incenses and was traded on the Arabian Peninsula for more than 5000 years!
    • Al-Husn souq : Ideal place to feel the atmosphere of the old days in Dhofar. Buying some Frankincense is a wonderful (and traditional) gift idea.
    • Tropical fruit plantations (corninche) : Salalah with its unique microclimate is famous for its tropical fruit tree plantations (coconuts, bananas, papayas,..). Stroll along the corniche and stop by one of the many fruit-stands on the way.
    • Diving Cruise in Salalah
  • Lost city of Ubar (“Atlantis of the sands”) : According to the legends, Ubar was a magnificent and extremely wealthy kingdom (“streets made of gold” kind of wealthy). Mentioned in the Quran, the kingdom was destined to be lost. Punished by God, the Frankincense capital of the ancient world got buried in sands… Fascinating!:)
  • Wadi Dawkah (Frankincense trees) : UNESCO heritage link
  • Tawi Atayr : Beautiful sinkhole! Do not miss : Not so far from Tawi Atayr lies an even bigger sinkhole called Taiq Sinkhole, the third world’s largest sinkhole.
  • Prophet Job’s tomb : Located on a hilltop near Salalah, it is a must-see when visiting Dhofar both for the spectacular drive/view and the cultural/religious importance of the site.
  • Ruins of Sumhuram : Archeological site featuring the ruins of Sumhuram, major trading city of the Frankincense road.
  • Khawr Rawri : Pristine creek near the ruins of Sumhuram. Paradise…