Murter is renowned for its numerous fiestas, donkey races and sailing regattas



If you find yourself in Murter in September do not miss famous international regatta.

The regatta of Murter itself is much more than a sport event, it is also a promotion of past way of living, customs and navigation. Besides the competitions, there is plethora of events in September that include concerts, fiestas and exhibitions so the visitors do not only entertain themselves but they can also learn about this great tradition of Murter island.


Jezera Big Game Fishing

All lovers of big game fishing in the open sea will definitely be happy on Murter. Tuna and swordfish hunting tours are organized from the town of Jezera, and other fishing excursions can be organized on demand. Adrenaline fun and great fishing experience are guaranteed.


Brganja Day in Betina

On every first Saturday in August there is a feast dedicated exclusively to the tasty shellfish which are taken from the sea by special tool called brganj, after which the feast was named. Collected shellfish is then prepared by traditional local recipes, and apart from the culinary event there are also several shows and events that include attractive female rowing regatta with traditional Betina gajeta, a special type of boat.


Tisno International Donkey Race

Every summer in August a donkey race is held in Tisno, a race of animals whose local name (in Dalmatia) is „tovar“. What makes this manifestation interesting is its international character so the visitors can support donkey representatives from several countries which makes the cheering even more merrier and intense. Several culinary dishes are prepared and offered during the event and there is also a raffle so if you are lucky you can win valuable prizes. One thing is sure, you will definitely not get bored at this event, even if you are not a regular sports fan.

Our Lady of Tarac

A pilgrimage with boats to Tarac cove on Kornat island in Kornati archipelago is held each year on first Sunday in July, where the feast of Our Lady of Tarac is held at the small church in the cove. The church had been built in the late Middle ages on the remains of a bigger church that served as a shelter for seamen and fishermen that used to wait at the archipelago for the storms to pass so that they can continue with their sailing. Votive boat pilgrimage starts in Murter and after reaching Tarac, a mass is held and sea and fields are blessed.


Carnival Days “Murterske Bake”

Venice is maybe a first name that comes into mind when someone mentions carnival feasts, but Murter carnival is definitely at the same level with the world bigger and more popular carnival events when it comes to versatility, costume creativity and great fun. Carnival days have been organized for more than 130 years, which makes them one of the most important social events on Murter. The procession starts every Shrove Tuesday in Old Murter and goes toward Hramina. After all the masked groups are presented, a bill of indictment is being read to Krnjo, a paper doll, for of its wrongdoings of the previous year, following the verdict and incineration. Then follows the masquerade where the best masks are awarded.


Kornati Cup

The beginning of each season is marked by this regatta with a tradition of more than 30 years, and it is held at the end of April and the beginning of May and it is one of the biggest regattas on the eastern Adriatic. International sailing event attracts contestants from all around the world, with several other events besides the race that make Kornati Cup a great combination of sports and fun for everyone, including both professional yachts men and spectators, lovers of sailing and parties.


Murterski pir

If you would like to know more about Murter wedding tradition then you mustn’t miss Murterski Pir (Murter wedding) event, which is held at the end of July or the beginning of August. Murter people: men, women and children get dressed in traditional clothes and go into a wedding procession reviving old Murter customs so the visitors can experience a genuine wedding ceremony from the past times. Each year dancing, singing and heavenly delicious dishes of Murter cuisine attract more and more visitors to this extremely interesting and educational event.


Concerts of Classical Music and Klapa Singing in St. Rocco Church, Murter

Every summer numerous concerts of classical and jazz music and klapa singing are held at the church of St. Rocco at Vidikovac in Murter so all musical lovers will find at least one that will suit their taste. Do not miss the chance to enjoy superb performance of top musicians in the beautiful atmosphere of St. Rocco church.