Moscow is a tricky city, big and fast but is amazing


In Moscow the traffic is hard, weather could be completely different: from real cold to scorching heat.

In Moscow there are dozens of attractions. Moscow has a wide range of entertainments and cultural hot spots.

Start from the Alexandrovsky Sad (Alexander Garden), a highlight of Moscow center. The garden is famous for its architectural monuments, incredibly beautiful flowerbeds and history. The Eternal Flame in the memory of the fallen heroes in the World War II glows in front of the Kremlin Kutafya Tower. Alexandrovsky Sad is a place that is impossible to miss, if you are going to the Kremlin, a symbol of the Russian State, one of the greatest architectural ensembles in the world, a treasury of amazing relics and monuments of art. The famousArmory Chamber and the Diamond Fund are real treasure houses. The Kremlin is the official President’s residence and remains a gorgeous political landmark.On the way from the Kremlin to the Red Square, you will find the State History Muzeum, with a wonderful collection of artworks, depicting Russian history.

Red Square remains, as it has been for centuries, the heart and soul of Russia.

Few places in the world bear the weight of history to the extent that Moscow’s central square does. From the 16th Century St. Basil’s Cathedral – one of the most famous pieces of architecture in the world – to the constructivist pyramid ofLenin’s Mausoleum, Red Square is rich in symbols of Russia’s turbulent and intriguing past.
Right at the Square there is one of the oldest and most remarkable shopping centers in Moscow – the GUM. Just several trading passages in Russia were created over a century ago and successfully operate until nowadays. GUM always was, and remains the greatest country’s store.
To have some rest you can go to the Gallery Moskva, to have a little shopping and a nice dinner in a restaurant «Strana Kotoroy Net» («A Country That Does Not Exist»), with Russian, Georgian, Uzbek and pan-Asian cuisine.

Not far from the Kremlin and the main street of Moscow – Tverskaya street you will find the Theater Square.

The square is situated over the river Neglinka that was enclosed in an underground pipe in 1819. Now it is a green square with two beautiful fountains.
The area owes its name because of t three theaters located there: a world-famous Bolshoi Theatre, Maly Theatreand Russian Academic Youth Theatre (RAMT).
The Bolshoi Theatre is a symbol of Russia for all time. It was awarded this honor due to the major contribution to the history of the Russian performing arts. This history is on-going and today Bolshoi Theatre artists continue to contribute to it many bright pages.
Visit the theatre to watch the magnificent Russian operas and ballets. Despite high ticket’s price, you will never be disappointed; it is a real pearl of the world’s theatrical life.
The TsUM is a luxurious shopping mall with recognizable designer labels and expensive goods is also located at the Theatre Square.

Can you do a River cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg.