Lavrio is the best destination to start a Greek sailing vacation


Lavrio is located on the Attic peninsula and very close to Athens.

You will love Lavrio! When people think of Greece certain images come to mind; incredible views, the Acropolis, turquoise waters where swimming and soaking in the sun is a real pleasure.

Good weather provides the necessary conditions for some of the biggest parties in Europe. Chartering a yacht in Lavrio is very convenient: located only 20 km away from Athens International Airport and close to the Cyclades Islands, you can set sail just a few hours after you land in Athens. There are a lot of ways to discover Greek ancient culture and get the most out of your sailing vacation. Rent a boat in Lavrio and visit Athens, before starting your trip or after enjoying the Greek islands. Try out Scuba diving, swim every day in beautiful turquoise waters, enjoy the delicious Greek cuisine, explore the ancient ruins and have fun day and night.

What to do in Lavrio and where to sail?

Lavrio offers a huge port with all type of facilities and a calm city with beautiful beaches to swim and relax. It is not crowded as most of the cruise ships and ferries are dock in ports that are closer to Athens. There are great many things that you can do on your sailing holiday in Lavrio, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Visit Lavrio’s charming old town.
  2. Explore Lavrio’s amphitheater, the oldest in all of Greece.
  3. Take a look in The Archeological Museum of Lavrion.y
  4. Visit the nearby town of Aghios Konstantinos: only 4km away, it is the perfect place for tasting Greek cuisine and going for a nice walk.
  5. Visit Athens: take advantage of the opportunity and explore the Greek capital and its world famous historical heritage.
  6. Drop anchor and enjoy Lavrio’s beaches: Lavrio is famous for its beautiful waters which make its beaches very attractive for a relaxing sunbathing day.
  7. Cape Sounion: 65 km away, sail to this ancient town first mentioned by Homer in the Odyssey and visit the Temple of Poseidon.
  8. The Cyclades Islands: Lavrio is the best port if you want to spend your vacation sailing the Cyclades Islands, just take a southeast heading.
    1. Citnos: this small island has more or less 200 people living in the city of Mericha and around the coast. Most of its beaches can only be reached by boat. You can also enjoy the thermal waters of Loutra.
    2. Serifos: 70km from Lavrio and far away from mass tourism, it offers calm and amazing beaches in the Aegean.
    3. Sifnos: the port is called Kamares and the capital Apolonia. It is a very dry island with mountains. Don’t miss the town of Artemosa with its white houses.
    4. Siros: it is bigger and offers more services for tourists. Its coves and beaches are also calm and the island is greener and less arid.
    5. Kea: Greek people spend their vacation here, find out why!
  9. Sail to Mykonos: this Greek island is popular for its landscapes and amazing nightlife. You can combine the small Cyclades with a visit to Mykonos. It is just 10 hours away from Lavrio.

A sailing holiday in Lavrio should definitely be on your bucket list.  Charter a boat in Lavrio and have the time of your life discovering Greece, sailing its epic waters and enjoying every amazing thing it has to offer!