Amsterdam: are you looking for things to do in the city?


Amsterdam is famous for its courtyards with almshouses around.

Most of these courtyards in Amsterdam are open to the public. Begijnhof is a quiet courtyard where a group of unmarried religious women lived back in the 14th century. In Begijnhof you can still find a little chapel, which is the oldest house in Amsterdam.

You can see and do also:

1. Cheese Museum

Do you like cheese? Or do you want to try typical Dutch food? Visit the Cheese Museum. It is free entry and offers free samples of specialty cheeses.

2. Concerts

If you enjoy jazz music, then head over to the Bimhuis, a nice location that offers at least one free evening concert every week.

3. Open-air Market

There are loads of markets spread over Amsterdam, especially during the weekend. You can find almost anything thereor you can just walk through and enjoy the atmosphere. When you go to a market in the Jordaan area on a Saturday you can see and hear an original Dutch street organ.

4. Public Library

Don’t forget the famous library. Amsterdam’s library is one of the  largest in Europe, with approximately 28,000 Msq in size. This is a unique place, with extraordinary architecture. On the top floor, the library has a café, where you can enjoy a coffee, sitting on the balcony, and looking at a gorgeous view.

5.  Ferry to Amsterdam North

All public transport costs money, except the ferry to Amsterdam North. The ferry is free to take to visit the north side of the city. You can find the ferry behind central station; the ferries run every 5-10 minutes.

6. Civic Guards Gallery

In the Kalverstraat gate that goes to the Historical Museum you can find 15 huge paintings that show the Civic Guards of Amsterdam who served in the 1600s. These artistic works are placed in a walkway with a glass roof  and its worth including on your shopping tour through the Kalverstraat.

7. Rijksmuseum Gardens

The Rijksmuseum Gardens are free, although a lot of people don’t know  the Renaissance and Baroque Gardens are open to the public. Additionally, you get a free printed guide that explains the history of the fountains, ponds, statues, and architectural pieces.

8. River Cruise

Enjoy river cruises through Amsterdam. Discover Amsterdam’s stunning countryside, spectacular cities and ancient towns.