Ibiza sailing on crystal clear waters is very enjoyable


About Ibiza Sailing & Chartering

The ideal Ibiza sailing months are between May and October. You can experience good calm weather in December and January.

The sheltered bays make Ibiza a beautiful spot to spend time on a boat in the Mediterranean sea.

Local winds are very favourable for Ibiza sailing. Conditions are usually only bad when other weather fronts prevail which can happen during the winter months. The natural nooks are ideal places for dropping anchor in the calm waters.

Prevailing weather

The sea breeze around the coast of Ibiza is normally very reliable.

The ideal wind conditions allow beginner sailors to learn the ropes in a safe environment. The protected bays offer great conditions for beginners to learn how to sail. During the summer months, thermal winds provide a calm sea breeze from morning till afternoon and many of the bays are well protected, ensuring dangerous swells are kept away from the shore.

Why Choose an Ibiza Sailing Holiday?

Ibiza is as desirable off-season as it is in the high season, so no matter what time of the year you are looking to sail, we think Ibiza has something special to offer. In the spring months, the landscapes are almost poetic, studded with almond blossom valleys. Summers melt into autumns, where the sky is filled with twinkling lights you could almost believe are stars. And of course, the Ibiza Town life is perpetually pulsing and thriving.  Our sailing itinerary Ibiza will help you get the most out of your trip.

About Ibiza

When one thinks of Ibiza, thinks especially of the trendy Ibiza, the island that welcomes urbanites of all ages passionate about partying and yoga alike. Opting for a yacht charter in Ibiza will allow you to explore the magical and wild side of the island and discover its unspoiled nature. On the southern and western coastline of the island there are countless anchorages with crystal blue waters and limestone rocks where you can drop the anchor to enjoy a paella or local dishes at the delightful xiringuitos on the beach.

The wildest and most peaceful side of Ibiza is towards north, north-east, where one can enjoy quiet moments even during the busy summer months, and feel like being among the first ones to discover the secluded coves with deep blue waters and Mediterranean pine trees.


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